From the association of professors of physics and chemistry, we send you two pieces of information that you send to Claudi Mans * that may be of interest to you.

The SCQ (Catalan Society of Chemistry) will host PRICE 2016 (European Conference on Research in Chemical Education) from September 7 to 10 in Barcelona.

Encourage yourself to participate

ECRICE is a forum for researchers in chemical education, including experiences in both teaching and teaching chemistry. We trust that among all the Barcelona editions it will equal or surpass the previous ones to Jyväskylä (2014), Rome (2012), Cracow (2010).

If “Are you a teacher and you want to contribute to the improvement of teaching science?” Participate in a search by the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona.

Teachers with the following characteristics can participate:

Level: ESO and Baccalaureate, or last years of primary education
Areas: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Nature Sciences, Scientific Culture, Technology, Mathematics, Tutoring, Philosophy, or other related subjects
Interest in teaching science in context
Interest in socio-scientific topics (how does science affect our lives?)
Interest in scientific argumentation
Curiosity or experience with inquiry-based teaching
It is offered:

Current educational resources, prepared by experts
Didactic advice
Contact with other innovative teachers and exchange of experiences
Acknowledgment of participation in a European educational innovation project
Accreditation by certificate


One of our partners born in Badalona and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona has always been present and collaborating with us and offers us through websites and blogs a great deal of information and resources. He has always been open to inquiries and collaborations and holds interesting conferences, as well as having published a large number of educational books.
Other current features include:

– Contributor to the Torribera Food Campus, University of Barcelona.
-Member of the scientific committee UB-Bullipèdia, University of Barcelona, ​​since November 2012.
-Collaborator of the ICE of the University of Barcelona.
– Board member of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication, from 8-2-2006.
– Contributor to CosmoCaixa and the Alicia Foundation
-Member of several scientific and professional entities, among which is our association.